About our Truck Driving training Programs:

The National Driving School offers a program that National Truck Driving School prepare students with knowledge and skills for abundance of entry level jobs in trucking industry.
Defensive driving techniques necessary to develop skills level required to pass the commercial Drivers License examination are taught. Emphasis is placed on safety, and a thorough understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules and regulations in the operation of heavy duty tractor/trailer equipment

The National Driving School offers a program that The National Driving School offers a program that prepares students to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, which Is usually required prior to obtaining employment as a truck driver. This course is comprised of approximately 115 hours of behind the wheel training, plus an additional 45 hours of classroom training. This training has been carefully designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, qualifying them for employment as either a truck driver or as an owner operator.

The National Driving School offers a program that The school allows students to complete the program on either a full-time or a pert-time basis, depending on their individual needs. Full-time students should be able to complete the entire program In approximately 4 1/2 weeks and acquire their Commercial Driver’s License. Loans and other forms of financial assistance are available therefore, lack of funds should not prohibit qualified and motivated students from completing the program. The school also maintains relationships with many employers, and actively helps their graduates obtain employment.

The National Driving School offers a program that Is Truck Driving For you?
The Individual truck driver is the backbone of the entire trucking industry, and of course the trucking industry keeps the wheels of our economy rolling. According to the occupational Outlook Handbook, which is printed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a little over 3 million people worked as truck drivers in 2002.While there are no guarantees , the employment prospects for truck drivers is projected to be favorable, and with expected shortages in the industry, qualified drivers should be able to obtain employment.

There is no profile of a typical individual who decides to become a truck driver. Truck driving is a career that can provide employment opportunities for those who are changing careers, as well as those who have few if any job skills. The person must be willing to work hard, abide by the rules, and develop good work habits. Truck driver training enables individual, often with a limited amount of formal education to obtain the skills needed to obtain a commercial Driver’s License, perhaps with as little as one month of formal training. This provides them with the ability to obtain an entry level position, which can lead to even better employment opportunity as they get experience.

Not everyone can or wishes to spend months or even years training for a new career, Unlike many other occupations, truck, truck driving enables individual to acquire relevant job skills, obtain a license and start earning money in less than two months. Obviously this can make truck driving an attractive alternative for the unemployed or those individual with limited skills and/or few jobs opportunities. This means that many people who are willing to work hard can literally pull themselves up by their own bootstrap and obtain employment in a career that can provide them with long term financial security.

We recommend read this page for more information on how to pick a vocational school and what schools are good…and bad for you. We offer this section, because we are confident you will come full circle back to our company for your training in your next career as a truck driver.

Top Ten Reasons You Might Be A Truck Driver At Heart:

  1. Ever shake your fist up and down out the car window as a kid, to get truckers to honk their air horns?
  2. You want a Harley Davidson with 18 wheels?
  3. Ever want to tell your boss to stick it, “I’m hitting the road.”
  4. Ever thought it would be romantic to see North America by driving a “big rig” across country?
  5. Looking for a high paying, professional job that’s respected?
  6. Find yourself stopping at truck stops for good food?
  7. Can’t stand staying idle at one place for too long.
  8. Want to be your own boss and or run your own business?
  9. Want to be a critical part of the Nations transportations industry?
  10. You want to join a fraternity of respected professionals, that EVERYONE wishes they could be in.

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